NL-ix Public Peering

NL-IX The NL-ix Internet Exchange is a shared and distributed Dutch infrastructure in 30+ datacenters, where ISP's, Carriers, Telco’s, Content Providers, Media companies, VOIP-operators and other (new) large Internet players can setup peering connections and exchange mutual Internet traffic at almost no costs.

Local peering improves performance, and saves bandwidth and inherently money on International transit capacity. Moreover shorter routes, lower delay and round-trips, less hops, and no congestion justify even more the maximum use of peering capabilities

With the NL-ix Public Peering you can easily setup these peerings yourself by negotiating a peering with many of the other connected members.
And in case you are less successful in this, or less willing to spent time on these peerings, NL-ix additionally has some prefab routing packages for you with interesting options like Route Server, Multi-Lateral Peering (‘MLPA’), or full NL Routing.

IPv4 and IPv6
The Internet as we know it is founded on the IPv4 Internet Protocol. IPv4 address space is running out. Therefor the next generation Internet is rapidly being built upon the IPv6 Internet Protocol. NL-ix offers Public Peering both based on traditional IPv4 as well as based on the developing IPv6 protocol. Subject to the growth of IPv6 traffic, current IPv4-only routing packages already support or will support IPv6 in the near future.

OnePort™ concept
As almost all of our solutions, the NL-ix Public Peering is delivered via the NL-ix OnePort™. This port is the basic product for all NL-ix Peering and Community solutions and can also be used in combination with the NL-ix Metro Ethernet solutions.

By purchasing an NL-ix Port, most of the Peering and Community services become available for free, and/or additional Metro-Ethernet services will be much cheaper. Port speeds of 100 Mbit/s, 1.000 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s can be provided.

See our Pricing Sheet for the current charges.
See our OnePort™ Product Guideline how this solution can be composed out of the NL-ix products.

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