Public PeeringFREE

Public Peering is a service that is included for free in a NL-IX NL-ix Internet Exchange Peering Port, enabling the low-latency International exchange of mutual Internet traffic via peering sessions at minimal costs.

Compared to public Internet, Peering dramatically improves performance and minimizes page load times by offering 1) stable, uncongested and short paths, eliminating third party network routing hops and dependencies, 2) reliable delivery (zero packet loss), 3) low latency (roundtrip delay), 4) low jitter (delay variation) and maximum 5) resiliency due to fast reroute with SDH-like sub-50ms convergence over short standby paths (view network map for routes) . Moreover peering 6) saves bandwidth and money on International IP Transit capacity.

Fully Distributed

The NL-ix peering VLAN is shared and distributed over the NL-ix infrastructure. in 70+ datacenters in 7 countries. From each location you can peer with all members. in all datacenter and all countries.

Eyeballs and Content from all Industries

At NL-ix the members include many Eyeball networks, including access providers, carriers, telco's and VOIP-operators, Content networks like content owners, web shops, broadcasters, media companiers, hosters, cloud providers, content delivery networks (CDN) and social networks and Business Market networks from many different industries. are present and available for peering.


With the NL-ix Public Peering you can easily setup these peerings yourself by negotiating a peering with many of the other connected members.

But NL-ix is also very supportive in offering alternative or additional Routing options like a Route Server, Multi-Lateral Peering (‘MLPA’), Premium Peering with Hard-to-get networks, Trusted Routing or full EU Routing.

IPv4 and IPv6

Add-on on Peering Port:
NL-ix IPv4 free
NL-ix IPv6 free
Free Service

IPv4 and IPv6
The Internet as we know it is founded on the IPv4 Internet Protocol. IPv4 address space is running out. Therefor the next generation Internet is rapidly being built upon the IPv6 Internet Protocol. NL-ix offers Public Peering both based on traditional IPv4 as well as based on the developing IPv6 protocol. All routing packages already support both IPv4 and IPv6.


See our Pricing Sheet for the current charges.