This page describes the NL-ix multi-core meshed exchange network. At all NL-ix datacenters we use Brocade equipment for traffic exchange. Between those locations we distinguish 'Super-Core', 'Core' and 'Access' sites.

Super Core Sites

We have defined 4 locations as Super-Core in our network: Equinix AM3, Nikhef, Telecity AMS2 and Telecity AMS5. At these location a lot of both customer and backbone capacity is concentrated and these locations are interconnected in a n*100 Gbit/s full-mesh to provide maximum capacity and redundancy. All customer port speeds including 100 Gbit/s are available here.

Core Sites

All locations with many connected customers and substantial traffic volumes have been designated as Core site. These sites are equipped with Brocade MLX switches and interconnected with multiple dark fibers and multiple 10 Gbit/s connections.
Customers can connect at those sites at 100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s OnePort™ speeds. 100 Gbit/s is available on most sites as well, but on request.

Access Sites

Non-core NL-ix locations are designated as Access site and offer 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s connections (no 10 Gbit/s).
All locations, both Core and Access, are equipped with Brocade BigIron switches for lower-speed connections.

Projected Core Network map

The map below gives an overview of the projected network design for the International core of our network, showing all locations where International links terminate.

NL-ix Network Map

The provided round trip delay times (RTDT) are measured according to the industry standard IEEE 802.1ag with ITU-T recommendation Y.1731 (ETH-DM / Frame delay measurement & ETH-LM / Frame loss measurement) on a per-hop basis between the cities and do not include in-city links. End-to-End Customer-to-Customer measurements would also include delay incured by customer equipment, access lines, in-city links, load on customer links, load on backbone links and queueing delays.

Netherlands / Greater Amsterdam map

This map shows the NL-ix network in the Netherlands and the greater Amsterdam area, where our 'super core sites' are located.

Netherlands / Greater Amsterdam map

Footprint DACH region

Projected NL-ix network footprint in DACH Region 2015.
The map shows the NL-ix network infrastructure in the DACH region, which is part of the wide area distributed internet exchange in Europe, already covering 7 countries and available in 71 data centers.

DACH map

Current Physical Network map

The NL-ix network is constantly under development. The map below represents an overview of the physical structure (which lines go where) of our operational network, in as-is state at the date stamp given on the map.

NL-ix Network Map

Core sites are marked with a large spot, Access sites with a smaller spot.