The quarterly statistics (status per end of a quarter) represent the growth of NL-ix since it's start in early 2002.

YearQTRConnecteesTraffic(1)Data- center SitesPortsAvailability(2)
TotalGrowthQTR%YR%95% volumeTotal10 Mb/s100 Mb/s1 Gb/s10 Gb/s100 Gb/sWave
1199.4 Gbit/s9221861240081570413242100%
1342.4 Gbit/s912032124037995919218100%
3th529+6+1.3%1206.1 Gbit/s861917144007585258212100%
2nd523+27+5.4%899.9 Gbit/s791854143947165139208100%
1st496+17+3.5%782.2 Gbit/s731707143956584257208100%
701.3 Gbit/s711631143916253856208100%
3th446+14+3.2%552.6 Gbit/s701528143846033312194100%
2nd432+13+3.1%472.0 Gbit/s701422143755723012156100%
1st419+24+6.1%466.7 Gbit/s671412143815443112158100%
403.9 Gbit/s641326133655022792163100%
3th385+17+4.6%364.1 Gbit/s641251133624612461161100%
2nd368+14+3.9%266.2 Gbit/s63115515354438190156100%
1st354+11+3.2%271.0 Gbit/s57109415348402168159100%
220.1 Gbit/s53105514341381157160100%
3rd333+20+6.4%199.7 Gbit/s50100212339352148151100%
2th313+11+3.6%164.7 Gbit/s50(12)91710329315130131100%
1st302+12+4.1%160.0 Gbit/s4388810311304119139100%

146.7 Gbit/s4383310287284115135100%
3rd285(11)+0+0%164.4 Gbit/s43773927327886127100%
2th285+8+2.8%132.8 Gbit/s4376011288 26580114100%
1st277+8+3.0%124.3 Gbit/s41740(10)11289(10) 25973108100%

118.2 Gbit/s407511230725969104100%
3rd259+12+4.9%95.4 Gbit/s39694102952375894100%
2nd247+9+3.8%68,3 Gbit/s3867782992345484100%
1st238+6+2.6%49,6 Gbit/s3565092912335065100%

40,3 Gbit/s32629112842264959100%
3rd220+5+2.3%37.5 Gbit/s30574(8)10(9)2852093832(9)100%
2nd215+4+1.9%32,7 Gbit/s3053427921540100%
1st211+7+3.4%37.7 Gbit/s2952627621139100%

42.4 Gbit/s284852641932899.95%(7)
3rd193+9+4.9%18.8 Gbit/s2543924217324100%
2nd184+8+4.5%17.5 Gbit/s2539121915319100%
1st176+7+4.2%16.9 Gbit/s2436821214214100%

16.3 Gbit/s2234720513111100%
3rd163+7+4.5%15.4 Gbit/s213311991239100%
2nd156+4+2.6%14.8 Gbit/s203121911147100%
1st152+10+7%14.7 Gbit/s183041861117100%

13.1 Gbit/s162881781046100%
3rd134+8+6%11.9 Gbit/s15275172985100%
2nd126+5+4%10.6 Gbit/s1426316693499.95%(6)
1st121+5+4%10.3 Gbit/s1324816483199.97%

10.0 Gbit/s13239160781100%
3rd112+5+5%9.6 Gbit/s1322715571199.92%(5)
2nd107+7+7%6.8 Gbit/s1321115159199.95%(4)
1st100+8+9%6.3 Gbit/s(3)1320215150199.99%

6.2 Gbit/s12191146441100%
3rd77+9+13%4.0 Gbit/s12159128301100%
2nd68+4+6%2.2 Gbit/s1214612422100%
1st64+6+10%1.4 Gbit/s1213312013100%

800 Mbit/s1211910910100%
3rd49+2+5%300 Mbit/s11102957100%
2nd47+15+47%200 Mbit/s109993699.99%
1st32+11+52%100 Mbit/s96661599.998%
20024th21+8+61%(+21)50 Mbit/s741383100%
3rd13+7+116%25 Mbit/s529263100%
2nd6+6-10 Mbit/s2752100%
1st0--0 Mbit/s00000

1) The traffic volume only represents traffic over the shared medium and excludes traffic over dedicated fibers or wavelengths.
2) Availability is calculated excluding unavailability due to maintenance in maintenance windows.
3) Dip in traffic growth rate early 2005 was due to move of substantial dedicated VLAN customer traffic off of the shared medium to dedicated fiber wavelengths.
4) Broadcast storm in April 2005 caused unavailability of the network. Now port protection guards the shared medium from that.
5) In September 2005 the Telecity1 switch was unreachable for some time due to a port security fault, which is now solved.
6) In June 2006 the fiber link to Redbus experienced down time due to hardware failure. This link is now backed up by a second fiber.
7) In Oktober 2008 there was a full power failure on the Nikhef datacenter. Nikhef is a key site for Holland and for NL-ix, hence the impact.
8) From third quarter 2009 eleven 100 Mb and one 1 Gb ports in Groningen that where previously not counted are now included.
9) From third quarter 2009 Wave and 10 Mb ports are separately displayed (no longer combined with 1 and 10 gb ports c.q. with 100 Mb ports).
10) In the first quarter our free IPv6 port initiative ended (IPv6 was integrated in normal IPv4 services), releasing many 100 Mb ports.
11) In the third quarter we processed a backlog of changes, takeovers, bad payments and cancellations.
12) In Q2 2012 we've expanded the NL-ix network across the border into Belgium. 7 brand new datacenters where connected in a single month.