Recent Members

The overview below describes the members that have connected to NL-ix in the recent months.

July 2014
InstallingBharti Airtel (UK)UK, Telehouse North
July 24ColoclueNL, TDCG Amsterdam
July 21Hetzner OnlineDE, Interxion FRA4
July 10InterouteNL, Telecity 2
July 9EdutelNL, Telecity 1

June 2014
June 26Riot GamesNL, Telecity 5
June 19Fotontelecom CJSCNL, Telecity 2
June 6DSTORAGENL, Telecity 5
June 4gnTelNL, RUG Rekenhal
June 3DigitalOceanNL, Telecity 5
June 2Host PalaceNL, SmartDC

May 2014
May 27MextalNL, EFX
May 16High5!NL, KPN ASD DC2
May 15Atom86NL, Global Switch
May 13Wnet UkraineNL, Telecity 2
May 12WeritechNL, Telecity 4

April 2014
April 28ClubMessageNL, Telecity 5
April 11TwinfieldDE, Interxion DUS1 (2nd port)
April 7XS4ALLNL, Telecity 2
April 4SIT InternetdienstenNL, Serverius

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